Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Medical Negligence

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With fast depleting moral and ethical values, many professions tented, Medical fraternity being one of them. Medical Negligence is thus rampant causing victims huge loss, even their life. One such victim is Mrs. Shreya Milind Nimonkar who suffered tremendous complications due to Medical Negligence case, in 2010 due to wrong advise and surgery, rendering her unable to pursue routine life with intolerant pain and suffering beyond description. Agitated by the injustice suffered by her and many other victims of medical negligence, who shared their experiences, the cause being absence of any proper forum to air or redress such grievances. Mrs Shreya Nimonkar initiated a campaign to fight medical negligence and its repurcurssions with aid of social media, which was also welcomed by Good Doctors and offered to support this cause.The falling trust between patients and medical professionals is not good sign of heatlhy society.Their is an opportunity to deal with differences and bridge this gap and to answer this cause
*SETU PRATISHTHAN* came into existence.

*SETU PRATISHTHAN* will provide medico-legal services with the help of their team of expert doctors and lawyers on the issues of medical negligence/medical malpractice.

*SETU PRATISHTHAN* will try to safeguard the interests of the Doctors who may face outbursts of uncalled and unreasonable behaviours of the patients.

*Setu* will help docotrs by couselling patients when doctors are not negligent on their parts.This initiative is to bridge the gap and create a healthy bond between patients and doctors.
In order to redress the grievances of both the doctors and patients and to provide amicable solutions, we are making this endeavour to provide a platform which will provide equal opportunities to both the parties. We will be creating awareness, educating the patient and doctors as well about their duties and responsibilities.

We are proud to announce an official launch and inaguration of *SETU PRATISHTHAN*'s website. It is scheduled on 25th April 2017- Tuesday at *Chatrapati Shivaji Terminous Patrakar Sangh Hall* in Mumbai at 6 P.M.                             
In order to get connected with us and to be a part of *SETU PRATISHTHAN*  please join us to make this initiative a grand success by your presence at the meeting which is scheduled on 25th March 2017-Saturday at 6.00pm at ground floor of
*Aditya Sabhagruh* Dombivali(East).

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