Thursday, 13 October 2016

Beware of Corporate Hospitals & Corporate Doctors.

*Medical - Second Opinion*

Corporate hospitals are paying a salary of *1½ lakh* per month to their doctors. But they have monthly targets. the target condition for them to remain in job  is that, they have to write tests & scans worth *3 lakhs* & *trap 25 patients* for surgery every month.

This is not happening in *Charity Hospitals.* In many hospitals, unwanted surgeries & risky premature cataract surgeries are being carried out. One has to be fearful of corporate hospitals.

If you show your medical card or if you say *"Doctor, don't bother about expense, please save the life"* to a corporate doctor, u r gone.

If they terrify u & do not give time to think, u should become alert. A genuine Dr. will talk encouragingly & don't terrify u.

U can ask u r family doctor or a friendly doctor to visit the patient as a visitor & take a 2nd opinion before plunge into corporate hands

If u or ur family have been advised a surgery or a medical procedure & if u r confused about the medical options for u, then call at *70266 46022* or send ur medical reports at *medical@medisense.meor* visit ** They will get u a 2nd opinion from an expert doctors panel. It is a free service for patients.

This free service for patients is available in *21 cities in India* which includes *Udupi, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyd* etc. Please pass on to all u r loved ones.

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